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16″ Pre-Tuned Bodhran with Celtic Knot Design


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This 16″ Non-tunable Bodhran is a great instrument for both beginners and accomplished players. Featuring a 4″ deep frame with genuine high grade goat skin and a T- bar bracing, this bodhran has a beautiful Celtic Knotwork design. Comes with bag and beater.

All our Bodhrans are made with High Quality Selected Goat Skin and inspected prior to despatch. As this is a natural material there may be slight blemishes and discolouration on the skin. This is due to natural pigmentation in the skin and also thickness of the skin and will not affect the performance of the instrument but actually adds to it’s character. 

For best percormance and to keep the skin in good condition use our bodhran care cream. This cream has been made specifically for this instrument and has natural moisturising elements which keep the skin supple and in optimal condition.
If you are not using this cream, to lower the tone of the skin use a small amount of water either in a water spray or on the palm of your hand and apply evenly to the back of the skin. This will cool the skin and allow for it to loosen. Do not leave the instrument in direct sunlight of near heat, for instance a radiator as this might cause the skin to stretch and split.
Think of this skin as your own and treat accordingly.

All orders within the USA are shipped for a flat rate of $9.95

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