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Salmons of Knowledge


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The legend of the Salmon of Knowledge is about a fabled salmon who ate nine hazelnuts from nine hazel trees that had fallen into the well of wisdom. The salmon gained all the knowledge of the world, and it was believed that whoever ate the fish would then gain this knowledge.  Finegas, the poet, tried to catch the fish, and was finally successful after seven years. He instructed his servant to cook it, but under no circumstance, he should not to eat the fish. Fionn, the servant, cooked the fish but burned his fingers while turning the fish. As he sucked his thumb to alleviate the pain, all the knowledge of the world passed onto him. From then on, Fionn just had to bite his finger to access knowledge. He went on to become the leader of the ” Fianna” the famed Heroes of Ireland

Welsh, Scotts and Scandinavians all have similar stories but with usually  different creatures.


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