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Time Passing Print – A Thatch To Mend


This collection painted by Maura captures the warmth and essence of Ireland. The colourful squared background is representative of time passing. The events portrayed are the timeless lifestyle and daily living endeavours of many of Ireland’s country people. 

Our Historic countryside, rugged seashore, heather-covered mountains and misty hills continue to be a source of Iconic beauty. Trawlers fishing offshore, fishermen also using our native curraghs or racing the Galway Hookers as part of our sea faring way of life.The family Horse, the bike outside the neighbour’s cottage, the scented wild Fuchsia are evocative Ireland.

Time passes, but the nature, warmth and welcome of our Celtic Nation and its people is open-hearted and enduring.


All orders within the USA are shipped for a flat rate of $9.95

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