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Tree of Life cz Drop Earring


These exquisite Tree of Life Silver Earrings from Boru are covered in beautiful clear Cubic Zirconia stones. A symbol of a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health and also a bright future.

The Celtic Tree of Life, also known as the Tree of Knowledge, is an ancient mythological symbol representing a connection to all things. With branches stretching into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon, and roots burrowing deep into the soil to receive nourishment from Mother Earth, the Tree of Life symbolises a deep connection to the world and a dependence on it to grow and thrive throughout life.
Celtic people felt a deep connection to nature, especially towards trees. An important part of Celtic beliefs and culture, when they would clear a piece of land one large, single tree would be left in the center. Believing it had special powers to take care of all life on earth, this tree was called the “Crann Bethadh” or the “Feeding Tree”. It was considered so powerful, that the Celts believed that cutting down the sacred tree of an enemy would render them helpless.
Made in Ireland

All orders within the USA are shipped for a flat rate of $9.95

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